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This morning I booted up the Star Wars series (the original one) and started watching episode 2, The Empire Strikes Back. I usually play a movie in the morning since it gives me the inspiration to start-up work right away. I don’t really know why, and honestly I am sure it doesn’t matter, everyone needs a little more Star Wars in their lives anyway. It hit me as I was glancing at the screen every so often that the effects in those movies are really… well, good for being back then and quite horrifying compared to today. The style of the movies are the same, and I think that is what drew so many people to the theaters when it first was released.

There has of course been a lot of brainstorming around Star Wars, and the Internet is jam-packed with odd, weird and wonderful Star Wars creations and items that originally could have never been considered for the Star Wars series. What if Star Wars would have been set in a whole different era? How about when there were gunslingers and sheriffs around to keep the peace in the world? If you have trouble picturing what that would have looked like, there is someone who has been thinking about it already and decided that a picture series was in order.

The Star Wars fanatic and artist Nick Agin is that person, and the pictures that he created are everything but dull. You’ll be taken way back to the Renaissance era when the land was scorched and the clothes were all… Renaissance of course. How about Lord Vader in a somewhat different outfit from what you are used to see him in? The concept of science fiction is suddenly all washed away. The brilliance of this picture series is in the setting itself. With all of these different time eras incorporated into Star Wars all the time, it would surprise me if we don’t soon see a project which will be called Star Wars – The Beginnings

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations

Old Timey Star Wars Illustrations


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