Say the right thing at the right time | The Contrast Blog

Anatomy of a message

When sending out a message to users, I ask myself these questions …

  • Recipient – Who are you saying it to? Business users or Freelancers? Groups or individuals?
  • Content – What do you want the recipient to know now that they didn’t before?
  • Action – What do you want them to do about it?
  • Tone – How are you going to say it to them? Is it a light hearted message, or a sober serious tone?
  • Time – When will you say it? Do you want to get them during work hours? Would you rather they were idly browsing on a Sunday?
  • Consistency – How often will you say it? Will you keep telling them until they do what you want, or is this a gentle reminder?
  • Location – Where will you say it? In an email? On Twitter? In your App? If so, what page?

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