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not getting paid

you’ve just done a great job on a project for a client, and now they’ve decided not to pay you… now what? unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs have had to deal with the fact that sometimes clients just don’t pay.

try to spot bad clients early on
listen to your gut – if you get a bad feeling about working with someone, there’s probably a reason. and if they’re being unreasonable at the start (grinding for discounts or arguing about your standard practices, process, contract, etc) – then that could be a warning sign the project isn’t worth your time.

be clear, as early as possible
make sure the client is both aware of and completely understands your pricing. also be sure they understand the costs of extra/out of scope work, and other associated costs with the project, even if you don’t charge for them (an example in web design would be: hosting costs, domain registration costs, licensing photography). the clearer the picture is before the project starts, the less likely the client is going to be surprised at the end and refuse to pay.


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