Rapid Prototyping For Any Device With Foundation – Smashing Coding

The days of creating a blank Photoshop canvas and laying down a 960 grid are over, even if some of us are still working in that shared fantasy world. Mobile devices — or, let’s just say, devices beyond just laptops and desktops — are already prevalent and will only become more ubiquitous.

Don’t build a desktop website that’s pixel-perfect before thinking about other devices; get used to designing for several different sizes, and then quickly prototype your design to get a feel for the flow, function and interaction.

We built Foundation to help us do this faster and to develop better websites and apps for us and our clients. We feel so strongly about the need for this that Foundation is MIT-licensed and completely free to use, forever. If you try it out and have success with it, let us know. We’d love to hear about it, just as we’d love to hear about bugs or issues that you’ve run into.

We’re excited about this watershed moment in Web design (and in connectivity and data availability), and you should be, too: our industry will change more in the next three years than it has in its entire history. We hope this helps.

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