Andrew Fung, Interaction Design

I think Interaction Designers are synthesizers of disciplines. We take bits and pieces of different disciplines and synthesize them into meaningful experiences. These experiences are more than UX and UI. They’re experiences that scale from interaction between a person and an object, communities and cities. What sets us apart from traditional design disciplines is our broad understanding of the scale/economy of design. I feel like by knowing the many facets of design, we are able to become hyper aware of the application of techniques, theories and experiences. We become a curator almost. Almost like what Paola Antonelli said in Objectified where she predicted that designers will begin to design scenarios. 

Just as a museum curator curates a meaningful journey in an exhibition, Interaction Designers will be curating meaningful experiences through rethinking the ways people interact with their electronic products, the ways people navigate a city and what I feel like to be the most important thing, the ways people build communities with each other. 

Another thing. I don’t like calling people “users”. We’re human beings with emotion and feelings. When we call someone a user, we tend to look at them based on their functions. Our experiences are most often defined by how we feel in an interaction. Do we focus on the movements while we’re having sex? Hell no. We get caught up in the excitement and the emotions of it. That is why we have sex. 

In the same way, as an Interaction Designer, I’m someone who creates/curates thoughtful experiences through the use of technology(or without depending on the context) that is emotionally and culturally engaging.


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