Displacements: 13th Arquine Architecture and Design Conference in Mexico City: Places: Design Observer

Displacements refer to a change in position, the movement of an entity that changes its relative position in space.

The emotional experience that denotes the action of displacing oneself through a building or on the previous path before you reach it became one of the most relevant principles in modern architecture, reaching the point where it transformed these trajectories in rites that were then used to highlight the space and time surrounding the work.

Nowadays, ideas of change of position, transfer or dislocation gain value; displacing transcends the notion of movement and turns into a much wider term that ranges over many geographical concepts and their alterations, the foreigner condition in those that migrate from one place to another detaches itself, and from their experience, it makes a sum that emerges from its differences, by finding in the one that is being displaced not only the idea of he who is far from his place of origin, but also of he who sees himself forced to put himself in exile as a way of escape and survival when faced to the dramas of society.

Architecture is immersed in a world of constant crossings, a place where the active exchange of information and experiences generate new scenarios leaded by displacements, which transgress the own limits of the trade and localization, and at the same time transfer the actions into new spaces in spheres where own and foreign cultures converge, and are characterized by the overlapping of realities and actions that result in projects and opened, changing and multiple works.


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